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With donegalpeople.com we hope to highlight people, places and events that may be of interest to people within County Donegal, those Donegal people in other parts of Ireland or across the World, and others who may have an interest in all things Donegal. It follows from previous work with the Gallagher Clan website - gallagherclan.org.

And where better to start than at home, so we bring news of a book that deals with a great swath of the county, i.e., from Malin Head to Glen Head, Wild Mountain Way – Donegal on Foot and Alone and written by myself, Adrian Gallagher.

All profits from this printing is to go to the Down Syndrome Donegal association.

You can find further information on the book on this Wild Mountain Way link or at www.donegalpeople.com/wildmountainway , which will also link to where it can be bought.

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Launch of Wild Mountain Way - Donegal on Foot and Alone

Wild Mountain Way - Donegal on Foot and Alone is a book about a solo off-road crossing of Co. Donegal, Ireland by way of its mountains and hills, undertaken by Adrian N. Gallagher, in 2019. Profits from this print will go to Down Syndrome Donegal.